Friday, 5 April 2013

Inspirational ideas for Entrepreneurs

I enjoy cycling and touring new cities and was recently travelling though Washington DC. I'm always on the lookout for new creative business ideas to share with my entrepreneurship students. 
I saw a lot of tourists in the city for the Apple Blossom Festival that was happening, but what also stood out in the crowds were people on Bikes. They where wearing bright colours and helmets. What a great idea to get your customers to advertise for your. Their t-shirt  were labeled "Bike the Sites".

I thought that cycling be a very cool way to visit a tourist area. When I got back from my trip I took a look at their web site to see if this service is offered in other cities. Growing up in Niagara Falls I'm aware of paying close attention to tourism. 

Take a look:

I wonder if this type of Business would be a good idea for Burlington or Niagara Falls areas. What do you think?

Looks like they are now offering tours by Segway! How cool is that!!

Using cell phone for blogger

Did you know you can use your cell phone to create posts on your blog? 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Vending 3.0- Would you dance for a Coke?

Trends in Business- Vending 3.0
According to Trend Hunters- Top 20 Business trends for 2013, New and creative ways of using Vending machines comes in as trend #20. They are calling this Vending 3.0.   Meaning the latest era of interactive computer technology is now integrated with vending machines. Vending machines that use computer technology  can now interact with customers. Think of it as a wii game combined with a dispenser.

Example: Coca_ Cola Dance Vending Machine
Here is one amazing example by Coka Cola. They have a vending machine that reward people who dance with a coke. Watch this fun video.
"As part of a playful experiment conducted in South Korea, a Coca-Cola vending machine coaxed people to copy the dance moves of the country’s popular boy band 2 PM, in order to score free soft drinks." Go to Coca-Cola to find out More


In my opinion Coca Cola is a long time favorite as a innovative business model for marketing, and I'm not surprised that they are part of the top tends for 2013. I think that creative use of vending machines will continue. However, the high research and development cost and with the short attention span of customers always looking for the latest and greatest, this amazing opportunity will only be available for the big name Marketing companies and in highly dense population areas. Interactive vending machines might be something you see in large urban centers but not likely to be in smaller communities.

Share your thoughts and comment below:
Would you dance for a coke?
Have you ever seen an interactive vending machine?